Romain Dolbeau

Who am I professionally:

I now work for Bull, which is now part of Atos. My current professional address is of the standard pattern: "firstname.lastname at atos dot net" (it used to be "firstname.lastname at bull dot net").

During my times in the now-defunct CAPS entreprise, I wrote an introduction to the kind of things I do, entitled An Introduction to Performance Programming. It was published on the web at the time by HPC magazine, which is now HPC Today in French: Programmer pour la performance (1ere partie) and Programmer pour la performance (2eme partie) and in English: An Introduction to Performance Programming (part I) and An Introduction to Performance Programming (part II)

A frequent question in my field is how to compute the Theoretical Peak FLOPS per instruction set on modern Intel CPUs

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Things I do when I'm not working:

Linux Framebuffer Driver for the 3Dlabs Permedia3 chipset (very old)
mencgen, a genetic algorithm for mencoder encoding options (very old)
The p196_mpi page
FFTW3 for new instruction sets, and the GitHub repository
Codes for cryptography

You can reach my by personal e-mail at

Please note that my former e-mail address is no longer in use or valid as of June 27th, 2014.

Other past addresses no longer valid:,,